13 Videos98 minutes

Swivel Variations

This course is for those who have mastered basic swivels and would like to go beyond it to find personal styling of this Bal-Swing figure. Here you will learn a bunch of swivel variations to every taste from the easiest to the fanciest ones. We will also talk about the key principles of any swivel and the ways to practice them without a partner.


13 Videos95 minutes

Out & In Variations

In this series the almighty Bal-Swing figure – out ins – is in the spotlight. You will learnt how to practice out ins without a partner, refine the basic technique and then play with rhythm, shapes and texture. So that in the end you can easily flourish any count of this figure. More than 30 variations of different complexity are waiting for you here.


17 Videos145 minutes

Lollie Variations

If you are bored with doing a basic version of lollie kicks, this course is definitely for you. It is going to “shake it and break it” (I mean, the usual pattern). As it has dozens of ideas on how to spice up this figure. Holds, taps, triples and other syncopes, circles, crosses, heel drops and many more – here there are variations to suit any taste and difficulty level.


17 Videos131 minutes

Throw out variations for followers

In this course, specially made for followers, I teach all of my favourite throw out variations. It’s like a golden collection with 40+ different ideas on how you can play with rhythm and shape in this figure. Elements vary from the easiest ones like kicks, sweeps, holds and taps to more complicated and fancy ones – tabby the cat, fall off the log, locks, drags, jumps and many more… I love changing it up. And you?


4 Videos55 minutes

Turns and spins

Turning is one of the most essential skills in any dance and balboa is not an exception. In this course you will get ideas on how to improve general turning technique with various solo exercises on balance, posture, pacing. You will also explore different types of turns and plenty of fun footwork variations.
Classes include travelling turns, spins on the spot, connected turns, lock turns etc.

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