About Olga

Olga was born into a family of teachers and since early years has been an energetic live wire – studying music, doing athletics, martial arts and gymnastics. In 2007 she was introduced to Lindy Hop and this is where the real passion story begins. She got dance hooked and started to explore more of the dance world by getting into Blues and later Balboa. She has been actively travelling the globe in pursuit of more opportunities to dance, learn and compete. Later she began to share her love for swing music and dance by teaching. Now Olga is the international balboa instructor, teaching solo and couple Balboa all over the world.

At her classes she pays a lot of attention to getting the students interested and involved by giving challenging and fun tasks, working both on technique and musicality and infecting them even more with the love of dancing. For the time being she is passionately developing a new direction of swing dance practices – iSoloBalboa – offline and online solo classes for balboa leaders and followers which aim at polishing up technique and developing creativity and musicality.

Olga Marina, photo by Ksenia Ryzhkova

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Next Events

August 2021
5-8: Ortigia Balboa Weekend, Sicily, Italy

October 2021

1-3: Balboa Shag a Paname, Paris, France

November 2021

20-21: Balboa & Bal-Swing Weekend mit Andreas & Olga im Vintage Club, Munich, Germany

December 2021

10-12: European Balboa Festival (Cosy edition), Toulouse, France
Dec 27 – Jan 1: The Snowball, Stockholm, Sweden

February 2022

25-27 Holy Lollies Balboa Workshop, Strasbourg, France