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Pure Balboa

In this set of courses you will get lots of ideas and exercises to play with texture, rhythm and shapes of your footwork. Shuffles, triples, releases, kicks, just to name a few, will enrich your vocabulary and help you to be more musical and diverse.

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In this series of courses you will first polish up technique in basic Bal-Swing figures, then learn tons of different variations and eventually develop your own style and aesthetics. Swivels, lollies, out ins, turns and throw outs are all on the menu.

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Looking for beginners classes? Fancy adding a few flashy slides to your balboa? Maybe you are after useful musicality and creativity tips? Or would like to get some inspiration from the original dancers? And how about learning a cool iSOLObalboa routine?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both. No matter if you are a leader or follower, solo practice is essential to become better in couple dancing. The material in every lesson is presented and explained in the way so that both roles find it clear and easy to follow. I also use a few tricks, like counting in 4s instead of 8s and leaders can always skip the first 4 counts to join in later. In some courses I show demos for both roles: leaders – starting on the left – and followers – starting on the right. You can follow either one or both, I recommend the latter for more practice. At the end of the day our footwork is not that different. And the more you practice the faster you improve.

If you are a beginner, then I recommend to start with the course “Brush up your basic” (from Miscellaneous section). After studying it you can move on to the other courses. In every course the classes start with the simplest ones and gradually progress.
If you are an intermediate or advanced level, then you can start with any course depending on what you find interesting or relevant to practice. Even the course “Brush up your basic” can be found useful to hone certain skills.
If you are a teacher, then you might find all the courses useful as you can use the material there to give you many inspiring ideas and exercises for your local classes.

First of all they are for DEMOnstration so that you can see the way I practice the moves and variations. Secondly, this is the invitation to DRILL the material and can be used like good old aerobics classes: you just stand up and follow me, copying the moves. I filmed a lot of different demo drills, shorter and longer. Some demo drills start with the left foot, some with the right. Practice regularly just a few minutes and you will see the results soon.

A personalised practice plan (PPP) is included in a 6- and 12-month subscription package. You submit a video of your dancing of up to 3 min long and the description of your dance goals. After the registration, you will get an email with the details on how to do it. Olga will then reach you to schedule a 30-min Zoom/ Skype meeting to discuss your goals and recommend a practice plan to help you learn and progress.

12-month subscription includes a free private from Olga as part of the package. You can get it in 2 different forms. The first one is a 30-min private in person. You can check which events Olga will be during the year here and if you happen to go there too, then contact her via mail to schedule a private. If you are not going to any events where Olga will be teaching, you can have a 1-hour private in Skype/ Zoom. As a recommendation, you might want to do a private some time after you get a PPP (Personalised Practice Plan) from Olga. As you can use it like a follow-up on your progress.

Sure, you can do it. In this case you will get the online access just for this course for 3 months. This option is recommended if you are specifically interested in only one topic and would like to spend more time improving that area. Otherwise a usual 1-, 6- or 12-month subscription is recommended as in this case you have the access to ALL the courses during the period you choose.

In this case you can use the “Suggest a class” form in your Personal Account. If there are more similar requests on the same topic, Olga will film a class addressing it and you will be able to see it. You can always suggest a class no matter what membership you have. Keep in mind that there are a lot of courses planned for release in the upcoming months, so some ideas are already in the list.

You will be charged when you start your subscription. If, at any moment within two weeks, you are not satisfied with the quality of the material or decide that these courses are not for you, just write to the support team and you will get a 100% refund.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Your user account will remain active but limited to a basic level. Olga will occasionally reach out to you with updates, offers, special tips and other news.

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If you want to completely shutdown your account just send us an email and we’ll remove you from all mailing lists and permanently erase your account.

No, for now the lessons are only available in the online streaming format.

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